Port Aransas, Texas

We checked in to the 10th RV park that we checked out.  Steve and I have bought houses quicker than this! There aren’t many RV parks in Corpus Christi and the few we saw are tawdry looking.  But downtown Corpus Christi looks very pretty – much different than when I visited here 40 years ago.   Port Aransas has the best choice of RV parks but the affordable ones have really tiny spaces to where we would be hearing the people in the next site if they so much as sneezed.  More money = more space and so we splurged.  We are right in the heart of town for places to walk to and it’s just 5 minutes to the beach.  There is a sign at the beach that camping is allowed for 3 days with a permit from the city.   

  There are free ferries coming into Port Aransas which is on Padre Island.  It’s only a 5 minute ride.