Tackling “To Do’s”

and getting nowhere. Things always turn around and five things will fall into place another day.  In the meantime, we are really, really pleased with our choice of Port Aransas and Marina Beach RV Park to park ourselves until next month.  It’s incredibly quiet here and the park is clean and well maintained.  The weather is great and I like the 90% humidity although it would be miserable if it was hotter. The humidity was 100% the other day and it wasn’t even raining. 
There are many places in Port Aransas for long walks and we did about 2 miles yesterday and 4 today.  I didn’t bring the camera today but should have because we went to the Texas Institute of Marine Science where there are boardwalks along wetlands, marshes, and dunes next to the shipping channel.  The institute had pens for wildlife that had been injured and were being rehabilitated.  We’ll be going back again.  The pictures below are from yesterday’s walk.
                                                     Roberts Point Park
                                                  The marina is next to the park
                                                I tried to get real close to this bird……….
                                     but he was watching me out of the corner of his eye……..
                                                                   and off he went.

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