Great Turnaround

For sure, when there’s a string of bad events, the turn around far outweighs the bad.   After five (yes five) strikeouts yesterday morning trying to find a laundry in Victoria that was open, wasn’t out of business, or non-existent, we decided it was time to leave town and go north.  We expected to spend last night dry camped somewhere but found a park that is absolutely free.  And with full hookups on concrete pads.  The most incredible part was arriving at 6 pm on a Saturday night and 2 of the 8 sites were vacant.   Texas is such a nice state!
DSC_0574 With the advice of some members of the Yahoo View/Navion forum, Steve fixed the slide.  A shear pin had broken.
We stayed up late last night talking with this very nice couple from Germany who were parked next to us.  They travel in the US 6 months out of each year and store their motor home in Houston.  In fact they quit working in their early 40’s and travel all over the world on the same meagerly income as us.  It was fantastic comparing notes and we gave each other many good tips.