Woodlands, TX

Anyone who was reading this site in July and August remembers Tessa and her children and how we kept running into each other in Newfoundland.  And now we are at their lovely home and finally were able to meet Ned. Tessa’s website is the travbuddy link on this home page.  When we arrived two days ago,  Rick and Kathy Howe were also here visiting and then yesterday Tessa took them to the airport in Houston for their return flight to Lisbon where their motor home has been stored the past couple of months.  We’re all so glad winter is about over and can get back to the business of traveling.
Our motor home had decals on all four sides that said “View”.  We removed them and placed one “Tulip” decal on the back.  Then Steve took off the big “W” decals on each side and replaced them with a heart that has a tulip in the middle. 
Tessa is keeping the backing wet while the vinyl lettering sets.  “Tulip” letters are actually bluer than this and matched our other striping perfectly once the backing came off.

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