Houston to Natchez

Our time with Tessa and her family was fantastic!  And we got more done thanks to Tessa.  Steve steam cleaned the carpeting and Tessa made a warning board to put on the back of the RV, evidently a law in Europe if bikes are being carried.
We have too many books and gave some fat ones to Tessa, one of which was hers anyway.  So what does she do?  She takes the spines off and scans all the Europe pages!  If we had known about the itty bitty Scan Snap before we bought our combo printer/scanner, we would have invested in one.  It has a feeder, scans both sides at the same time and is maybe 12” wide by about 6” deep.  Having a printer/copier/scanner with us is an absolute must and does get a lot of use.
A month ago I wrote about the cost of toothpaste in Europe and so dear Tessa gave us 8 tubes.  Plus 6 deodorants and several bottles of body wash. Maybe she was telling us something?  Tessa is an “Extreme Couponer” and gets super excited to see how much she can buy for free.  I’ve never seen such a stockpile of goods and learned that couponing in this big way is also very complicated. 
Yesterday we went to Natchez, a beautiful town on the Mississippi River.  Our time there was too short.  Steve is having a hard time enjoying himself knowing we have at least five days of work to be done on Tulip.  I can’t blame him.  I really want to see more of Mississippi someday and especially the plantations.  The weather is perfect this time of year.
The only cathedral built in Mississippi – St. Mary’s
Natchez, Mississippi


  1. I LOVE my Scansnap but am now lusting after their new model which is even smaller (the S1100)! Do you use Evernote? It's a terrific electronic file cabinet to store and recall scanned documents, web clippings, notes, etc. They offer a free account as well as a $45/year account. Great for RVers!


  2. No I have not used Evernote. Tessa put me onto CutePDF recently which I really like. I'll have to check out Evernote though. It actually might be the S1100 that Tessa had because she sent me the measurements which were smaller than what I guessed at for the blog post.


  3. Oh Evelyn, do tell your readers that I only stockpile consumables that we can use up at a reasonable rate and we donate everything else to the local food pantry for others. Or traveling friends. 🙂 But you're right, I do get super excited about it. And I'm super excited to read about your next adventures!


  4. Let's see, this scanner is a S300 that I got from Amazon Warehouse (refurbished), New In the Box essentially, for $122 shipped- so be sure to check there (as it's normally $400+). It also is mobile as it can run (albeit slower) on a second USB cord. Hope that helps!


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