Florida Panhandle

We are near Ft. Walton Beach for a couple of days visiting a friend that I worked with in Germany.  Carol was single then and used to stay in my apartment and watch my young daughter while I often had to fly back to the U.S. for my job.  It has been a long time and there is a lot of news to catch up on. 

There will be a Winnebago View/Navion rally quite close to here beginning March 10th that we had planned to go to but our routing just isn’t going to work without a lot of back tracking.  Too bad because we were looking forward to meeting other View owners.   Monday we are driving to northwest S. Carolina and then hopefully over to Charleston and Savannah.

I thought every detail of our travel plans was settled since all reservations have been made and paid for.  Now comes another dilemma.  A cousin contacted me who heard from another cousin that we would be in Florida.  He has generously offered us the use of his vacation home that is on the coast 1/2 way between Jacksonville and Miami (how perfect).  However, we would lose what we paid for the plane tickets to and from Colorado.  Plus we would need to rent a car.  I see another coin toss coming up!