Tulip Time

Yesterday she received six new tires. Because there was 3 1/2 months left on the Michelin’s six year warranty and there were tiny hairline cracks on the tires, we received a 40% adjustment resulting in a $450 savings.  What a nice present.  We replaced the old tires with the exact same kind of Michelin tire and were pleased to see that they were manufactured just 2 weeks ago.  The Michelin headquarters is only 20 miles away so maybe that made the difference.

Today we were at Camping World all day while Tulip had recall work done on the overhead cap.  It was a major undertaking as they had to remove the overhead bed and the cap.  We were advised not to drive Tulip until tomorrow while the sealant dries.

Tomorrow will be another all day wait while Tulip gets a major service at a nearby dealership. 

And we decided to stay in Florida at my cousins’ vacation home until the cruise on April 2nd, thereby forfeiting what we paid for the plane tickets to and from Colorado.  Actually, we get a $74 credit with Delta if we book a flight that costs more than $674 total within the next year.  Doubtful.  But what’s done is done and it’s a huge relief to know we won’t have to hassle with flying.  Also, if there’s any kind of change or problem with dropping off Tulip the 17th we can easily deal with it. 

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