People that RV in Europe report that it’s difficult to find a laundromat and that campgrounds usually have one small washing machine and no dryer.  Also, the cost to wash one load is very expensive – up to $8.  European RV’ers wash their clothes by hand in large sinks provided by the campgrounds for clothes and dishes.  I don’t mind washing clothes by hand but can never wring them out very well and then it takes two days and nights for a few things to dry. 
The above little machine wrings out the clothes better than a washing machine’s spin cycle and it only needs about 2 minutes to do so.  It uses 85 watts so it will run off of our inverter easily when we dry camp.  There is a hose that drains the water and on the first use I drained it into this 4 cup measuring bowl to see how much water would come out.  Quite a bit, and I had wrung out the clothes so they weren’t dripping wet.  We have one of those circular clothes pin type racks from Camping World that can be hung on the shower rod and this time the clothes were dry by bedtime.

Update:  This little machine didn’t last long.  It quit working in France after just 2 months of use.  I think we may have overloaded it by putting in one pair of very wet and huge pair of jeans from a fellow camper.  Steve wanted to try and repair it but discovered that the mechanics are sealed inside and there is no way to open the machine. Update: Steve looked at it again and found the way to open it. A belt had slipped and after he put it back the machine now works fine.


  1. I was thinking about getting one of those (and also thinking about the WonderWash). Are you able to fit a pair of jeans in the spin dryer? Or is it mainly just for smaller items?

    p.s. I'd also love to hear your feedback (and perhaps see a pic) of your showerhead upgrade. I've been pondering that mod as well.


  2. I email with an RV'er in Europe and asked her if she could only have one: The Wonder Wash or this spin dryer which would she choose. The dryer. In fact, she left the Wonder Wash in an RV park for whoever wanted it. She said you had to fill it three times; once to wash and twice to rinse and it didn't get the soap out. I just washed a bulky pair of new jeans and they fit fine in the dryer. Steve pre-wrung them with all his strength to get every bit of water out he could. The dryer took out another 1 1/2 cups. Send me your email and I will forward you some pictures of the Oxygenics showerhead setup and also tell you what we think. Our email is:


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