All went well this morning dropping off Tulip at the Jacksonville port.  The entire process took about an hour.  We actually were a day earlier than required but wanted to give ourselves leeway in case we had to have the propane tank purged, as is the case at some other ports. We left it pretty close to empty anyway.  There were other motor homes sitting in the lot that Tulip was parked in.  One big Class A was going to Nigeria and another to Zeebrugge.  We were required to use an escort ($35 for one hour) but this was actually a blessing.  The young lady who took me around while Steve waited near the gate with the rental car, was very helpful and told me a lot about the port and various lines that ship out of there.  She even climbed up on the overhead bed to close an upper window that someone left open.  The ladder couldn’t be used because of the partition so it’s a good thing she was an  athletic young lady. 
Three different security personnel checked the coach part of Tulip.  One man told his partner to look under the bed to see if anyone was there.  (A year ago we removed the couch and built a box with platform to have a real mattress).  The top was fastened down and so I had visions of them wanting me to take the screws out to see inside.  But they seemed pleased that it was closed so that no one could get underneath.  I said I thought the worry was people being smuggled INTO the country but they said it works the other way too sometimes.
I wanted to take a goodbye picture of Tulip but no picture taking is allowed at the port.