Opened The Door and………

Wow!  Instead of freezing in Colorado we took up my cousins’ offer to stay in his vacation home on the central Atlantic coast of Florida until we go to Miami the 1st.  He and his wife left 3 days ago to return to their northern home and hid a key for us.  When we opened the front door to come inside we were actually still outside and this was the immediate view. There is actually another entrance on the right to the house and one on the left to the garage and mother-in-law apartment.   Really unique. Or maybe this is common in Florida, a state I know next to nothing about. (Other than being here briefly to get married and I don’t know much about that either).
We are pretty exhausted after the last couple of weeks preparation and stress.  This house is exactly what the doctor ordered and my cousin will never realize how much this means to us.  Maybe we will check the area out next week but for now, we are laying out.
This lake is behind the backyard and there are interesting birds to watch that dive into the water and catch fish.

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