Mosel River, Germany

Life on the Mosel is so wonderful we could stay forever.  It’s not quite as busy as the Rhine River area but the scenery is just as nice.  Almost every town has a municipal Stellplatz on their wide grassy river banks.   And they are very smart to do so.  For instance, our current Stellplatz in Enkirch can hold up to 200 RV’s (there might be 80 here now) and the little town is getting 6 EU a night from each of us.  There’s even a shower, wash machine, dryer, and computer in the city hall building next to the camping area.  The bakery truck comes at 8:30 every morning and the Italian Ice Cream truck mid-afternoon.  Italian is in italics because that is THE best ice cream IMHO.
We came to the town of Enkirch three days ago planning to  stay one night and then go on to Trier but as soon as we drove in a German couple came rushing over to us very excited at seeing our license plates.
They had shipped their motor home to the US 20 years ago and traveled around for a year as far as Alaska, Mexico, and our state of Colorado.  This particular camping area is their favorite on the Mosel and so they know the whole town and many of the people.  Like us, they normally don’t eat out much to save money, but they have a favorite place here that is a winery with a small menu of dishes made with local foods.  It’s one of those places you have to know about and we were so lucky, in more ways than one, to meet our new friends.  The winery makes a very good wine and they also make different kinds of schnapps (liqueur) including a tasty peach one that’s not strong.  The town is so friendly – it takes forever to get back to the Stellplatz at night because everyone wants to stop and talk.  My two cents:  If an American wants to ship their RV to Europe, the Mosel River is the place to come to right off and just relax and get accustomed to the way things work. 
   Vineyards above Sankt Algemund – the previous town we stayed in.                             

  The two pictures above were taken on a side trip into the country above the Mosel where we went looking for a castle (Burg Eltz).  We found a sign for the castle, walked 1 km down a path and then found it wrapped in plastic as part of an Economic Stimulus Plan II makeover.The walk and the drive was all good.  The weather remains beautiful and in fact we moved the RV to the shade today because it’s  hot.  I love that we can just drive into a Stellplatz and park anywhere we want on the grass.


  1. Wineries? Schnapps. Relaxing along the river. Meeting new friends. Side trips. 6E overnighting. Castles, bakery truck, ITALIAN ice. Now we're talking! And look at your new friend's USA t-shirt! I love it all. Sounds just like life in Texas and I'm not green with envy, not one little bit! (signed, Kermit)
    So glad you are taking it easy. Enjoy your time and don't rush. Relish!
    And thanks for sharing,


  2. oh my gosh, does that look like an idyllic place! I'd stay there a week or more as well! Hey, tell us US RV'ers about these Stellplatz places– are they always just grassy fields where RVs are allowed to boondock? Or do some offer hookups too? Have you had any problems figuring out their dump stations or electric?


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