So far we are not spending more for groceries than we did in the U.S.  We found out that Aldi grocery stores sell for quite a discount over the normal grocery stores.  We made a big haul yesterday, filling our cart to the top, and spent $113.  That included a lot of meat, French cheeses that would cost a fortune in the U.S. and even 3 liters of wine.  Some of the fresh produce costs much less (lettuce and cucumbers for instance) and some is more.  We buy accordingly.  Dairy products are less expensive and there’s so much to choose from that is really good.  Fresh bakery bread costs about the same or less.  For the most part meat costs are about double with the exception of lunch meats and bratwurst type sausages.  I think that if a person wants to eat healthy and is willing to cook more from scratch, then food costs are comparable to the U.S.  It is fantastic that every little town has a bakery and a butcher.  Our friend in Bremen thought food prices in Canada were more expensive than in Germany and I agree.
And the juices!  There is an unending variety of good beverages.  Right now I’m drinking a glass of black cherry juice.  Some that we like are apple mixed with lemonade, beer mixed with grapefruit, apricot, and multi-vitamin.  And then so many beverages are “schorle” or “sprudel” which means mixed with carbonated mineral water.  We bought a six pack of 1.5 liter bottles of carbonated mineral water yesterday for only $1.70.  But since the bottles are hard plastic, there was an additional deposit on the bottles of $2.25.  They are returnable along with our glass containers of yogurt.
All in all, the food is very, very good!


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