Monthly Expenses

The numbers are in for the first month and we are pleased.  These numbers include the period 18 April (the day we picked Tulip up at the port)  through 17 May.  Here they are – in dollars.

Groceries (includes 5 bottles wine)
Diesel Fuel 505
Camping/Water/Dumping 145
Propane 89
Tolls/Ferries 52
Miscellaneous 295
Eating Out 194
Bus/Train Fares 17
Internet/Phone 63
Medical 209
Laundry/Showers 16
    TOTAL $1986

Some analysis:  We stayed at our friends house in Bremen for one week and had no overnight costs and very little grocery cost.  However, we did have to start from scratch buying refrigerated items and to replace what was stolen from the pantry. 
Other than $27 for a haircut, the Miscellaneous column was all to replace stolen items that we had to have.  For instance, a corkscrew.
Propane includes two fill ups – one was just yesterday.
Medical – I  went to a doctor for the lingering upper respiratory infection.  She only charged $35 but the meds were expensive.  However, all that I was prescribed would have cost much more in the U.S.  
Internet and phone includes what we spent on milkshakes to justify using free internet at McDonalds.  We just bought a SIM card yesterday for our phone which was $34.  And also yesterday we signed up for unlimited internet at this campground that is good for a month (we won’t stay that long) for $21.50.