The Neckar River

The 228 mile Neckar River which runs south to north is a major tributary of the Rhine and is the river that Heidelberg sits by.  Some trivia for you:  The world’s first motorboat was built in 1886 and tested on the river.  The above picture was snapped from the dining window where two days ago we opted to pay an additional 2.50 EU a day to park by the river.  And we are really close, maybe 10 feet with no paths between us and the river so we have our own little yard here.  The water is very still and shimmery in the morning and we love watching the tour boats, barges,  and the ducks.  Baby ducks appeared two days ago and I keep trying without success to get good pictures of them.

This picture was taken from in town and not by our campsite.  We took the bus into the city yesterday (24 hour ticket for 2 was 9.30 EU = $13.50).
This is the famous old bridge (Alte Brucke) in Heidelberg.  I lived and worked in Heidelberg for 11 years.  My neighbor spent five years building a boat which he eventually sailed down to the Mediterranean.  Before he did, and when my daughter was 5 he took us on an outing.  He showed Lauren how to use the stick tiller and let her captain for a while and even instructed her how to stay in the center through one of these arches.  She was so calm and cool and it looked so easy.  When I took the tiller I gave it right back, because for me it wasn’t that easy.
  Gate into the city from the bridge.

This view is from the bridge looking towards the area where we have camped in Neckargemund. 
We are in limbo right now as I have several old friends in Heidelberg to visit but still haven’t called them that we are even here.  I decided not to go back to Colorado for the funeral which still won’t happen until next week because there was an investigation.  The circumstances of my sisters death would make a TV crime/mystery show.  More thinking is in order as to whether I want to write about it or not.