In The Mountains

Just a quick post to tell everyone thank you for your words of condolence.  And Lynne, coincidentally we do happen to be almost on a mountain top.  Here’s the view overlooking Garmisch from our Stellplatz at the ski lift area:
We drove part of the Romantic Road the last few days and couldn’t believe how many beautiful structures were sitting on hilltops almost everywhere we looked.  Really, we could spend months in just one small area because there is just so much!



The charming town of Nordlingen has a wall all around it and the Stellplatz across the street from the walled entrance to town was free.


There are colorful pig statues all over Nordlingen. Legend has it that in 1440 a woman went to get her husband a jug of beer. When she passed by one of the gates she noticed a pig that had lost its way.  Rubbing its hind-quarters against the wooden gate, the pig revealed to the woman that the gate had not been locked properly.  It turned out the guards had not locked the gate properly and they later confessed they had accepted a bribe from Count Hans of Oettingen to leave the gate open.  The Count had plotted to take the town in the night.  Nobody know for sure if the story is true but records show that in 1440 two gate guards were charged with treason and executed.