Northwest France

From Crozon we drove the short distance to Caramet sur Mer because another camper told us it was a spectacular place.  It definitely was and there were several nice spots where we could have stayed the night.  We looked around and left after a couple of hours because we still have a lot of ground to cover.







I am wondering why so many vacationers go to the Mediterranean to be packed in like sardines on the beaches when it’s so pretty in Brittany with so many empty beaches to get just as good a tan.


Caramet sur Mer has many sidewalk cafes and a nice harbor.


One of our guidebooks says that if we see only one traditional Breton church that St. Thegonnec is the one.  We stayed the night here in a very nice free Aires that looked out at the church.


The calvary dates from 1610 and it’s many stone figures are in medieval dress. 


The interior is an indication of the former wealth of this parish with statues and altar pieces, and a magnificent carved wooden pulpit. 





And here is our resting place for tonight, a town called St. Michel en-Greve.  It’s not a town mentioned in our books but the Aires is right in town (which we like), my bedroom window is next to a babbling brook, and it’s free.  Our objective is to break records for this month as far as being cheapskates.

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