The Countdown Begins

Surprise! We are going back to Colorado one month from today.  I, in particular, am burned out on traveling and just want to be back in our house and near my family.  Twenty months is a long time to live in a tiny RV but we have seen so much and covered a lot of miles (37,000 to be exact).  There are no regrets whatsoever.  If we had not set out on this adventure, we would still be dreaming and talking about it.  We did manage to get a few country flags on the good side of Tulip.  Actually, the other side looks okay too, you have to know where to look to see evidence of our mishaps.


The last few days we have stayed along the northern coast of France going from one cape to another.  Right now we are sitting out a rain storm just a few miles from St. Malo.  We still have a lot on our itinerary for this last month so hang in there with us. 


Treguier, another town that we visited with a medieval center that had bell-towers, Gothic arcades, and courtyards.  And it has a fantastic large church on the center square.  The choir was practicing when I went in and it was that Benedictine Monk type chant music.  Steve thinks I shouldn’t be taking pictures of churches all the time because it’s hypocritical but I still think they are wonderful structures and they all have that same familiar fragrance in them.


If you double click to enlarge this picture you might see that each frame in the window has a different intricately made macramé panel. And at the top of the window there is an advertisement for making macramé.


Every plain ordinary window is enhanced with shutters, flowers, and lace. 


Hard to believe this is the English channel with such pretty shades of blue and green water.



  1. Well for me at least, the time has flown! I really enjoyed reading each of your entries and am left wanting for more. I would like to see you spend another year at least there, reporting back to us!

    However, you do have a life so thank you for what we did get!


  2. I am surprised at your return. I have enjoyed reading and keeping up with your travels. When will your house be available again? Safe travels


  3. Wow…I was surprised to read about your return in a month. Will you be back there another time do you think? You have posted so many beautiful pictures and will have memories of a lifetime.


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