Tulip Is Home

And by the way, so is Steve Smile
They arrived last night and just in time because I was making black-eyed peas and rice and needed my Cajun seasoning.  In fact they drove up just as the bread machine went beep beep beep – the bread is done.  Steve was hungry too because he didn’t stop to eat supper since he was so desperate to see our dog Molly – oh and me too Smile
Now we are unloading Tulip and everything is getting washed.  Every dish and every article of clothing, bedding, and towels.  When you live on a 30 gallon tank of water for so long and are washing clothes constantly by hand, it doesn’t feel like everything is squeaky clean.  The washing machine will be running for days.  

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  1. Glad everyone is home safe and sound. I hate doing laundry…hate, hate, hate it! So, hmm, I might need to go pay a visit to your mom next time I'm in Colorado!


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