Visitor From Mexico

At the beginning of our motor home journey in November 2009 we had planned to travel to Panama with a group but chickened out while in Mexico.  Actually, only three stuck with it all the way to Panama.  And then only two drove the return trip.  One of them was Ron IMG_7105in his 34 foot Class A along with his two tiny dogs.  The trip ended up lasting a year and then Ron went back to his home in Chapala, Mexico.  He usually travels to the U.S. in the summer and today he came to Manitou Springs with two other friends that he has been visiting in Salida.  We arranged to meet at the town clock which is just a two minute walk from our house.

Afterwards we all IMG_7097spent the afternoon walking around downtown and sitting in a coffee shop.  I mentioned to Ron that Pikes Peak was here but totally obscured with clouds today and he was really surprised because he had heard of Pikes Peak but didn’t know it was this close.  So he plans to drive his motor home here next week and we will take the cog railway to the top, something I haven’t done in probably 30 years.IMG_7107 

Ron’s two friends are artists who periodically bring some of their work to one of the galleries in town.  Manitou Springs has many artists and galleries.  In fact, this past weekend the annual art festival was held at one of the parks. 

 This is just a small part of some artistic benches by the creek that runs through the middle of town.