The fish man drives through the park each morning selling shrimp, scallops, flounder, and red snapper that has just been caught a few hours earlier.  Even though we are still vegan (no dairy products either), we have decided that fresh caught fish has to be our exception.  Colossal shrimps are just $8 a pound and there is nothing tastier than grilled shrimp.

Joy’s dog died yesterday morning.  Twelve year old Sparkles had been moaning and passing blood all night and Joy knew it was her time to go.  The office called around and found a veterinarian to come to the park and put Sparkles out of her misery.  The vet then offered to bury Sparkles on some property he has 8 miles out of town.  Steve helped him dig a grave in an area with wildflowers among other buried dogs.  It was such a sad morning.

One of Joy’s friends in the park had seen a Chihuahua puppy at the local rescue center and decided she wanted to buy it.  So Joy, Bev, and I drove there later in the day and picked up the puppy.  Joy thought it was a fitting way to end the day when she had just lost her dog a few hours earlier.


These two Chihuahua puppies are 8 week old sisters and the one on the left is teacup sized.  I picked her up and it was like holding a little mouse.  Bev’s dog, not pictured, is a little brown puppy – so cute!

The puppy rescue center is on Rodeo drive – a street with many shops.  Each time that we have driven down there it’s been practically deserted.  I don’t know how the shop owners survive. 





  1. First off, I am so sorry about Joys loss of Sparkles. It is hard to lose the little furries ! They are our babies !!!
    Second, I want to say , you are vegans?!!! Yae!!! Me too. But, I am a lot like you and take exception once in awhile for fish or cheese but that is only once in awhile ! I am new to your blog. Lived in a 20 foot rv for two years in mid 90's. Loved it. Stopped due to major health issue. But, I am planning and hoping to get an rv again soon and maybe go full time again in a year or so. So, in the mid 90's did not have internet or cell phone. Things are different today and I have found so many fun blogs to read about fulltimers and all.


  2. Welcome to my blog! It's always nice to have new readers to give me the motivation to keep posting. I hope you get an RV to start traveling again. There are so many fun blogs and great people in the RV world.
    We will be seeing Joy in a few minutes and I will pass your condolences on to her. She has heard from many people and it always gives her a smile between the tears.


  3. So sorry for Joy's lost. I remember back in september when we lost Whsikey it was such a hard time. I am glad that Joy was able to go out and get a puppy rescue right after the fact but there was no way the either Kevin or I could do that. We are back at Hacienda Contreras where she is buried and still find it hard. Whiskey was with us for 15 1/2 years.

    Kevin and Ruth


  4. The day after you lost Whiskey I was weepy all day after reading your poignant post. It was so very sad. We lost a Cairn Terrier to cancer 8 years ago and it's still so hard. It helped getting another Cairn puppy right away. Joy is having a difficult time thinking of leaving Puerto Penasco since her Sparkles is now buried here.


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