The Malecon

Almost every Mexican town on the coast has a boardwalk which is called Malecon here.  They are great areas for looking at the sea, shopping, eating out, listening to music, and people watching. 



These people are listening to some musicians on the right.


Restaurant overlooking the Sea of Cortez.


The leg wear is made out of shells so they make a nice sound when these costumed men walk.  Steve took my picture with them but the picture is unprintable Smile.


Here is Bev’s new little puppy.  Their RV site faces the sea.


The marina with fishing boats is a short walk from the Malecon.  We have gone to the marina twice to get shrimp which is just $7 a pound for the colossal size instead of $8 from the man who comes through the RV park each day. 

I forgot to mention in my last post that we had the fiberglass repairs done to Tulip and the work is so good we can’t see that there was ever any damage.  There were 3 separate places damaged in three different countries and the total cost was only $300.  This park is keeping the fiberglass repairman pretty busy.   We were told that the cost here is 1/3 what it would be in the U.S.

Steve’s mother fell and broke her hip and will have surgery in the morning. We will cut our trip short so that Steve can go to Kansas in about a week.  Our plan is to return via Utah to see some places along the way that we haven’t visited before.


  1. Sorry to hear about Steve's mom, but I'm sure she'll be glad to have him there. Glad you were at least able to get a couple weeks of sun and shrimp..and get Tulip fixed! Take lots of pics of Utah!


  2. I sure was hoping we could go to the Biosphere with you but we won't be going back to Tucson. I'll take lots of pictures if I can get Steve to slow down. Now that he's planning to go to Kansas that will be hard. Maybe I should put him on a bus 🙂


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