We Survived Mexico


Once again we got out of Mexico without losing our heads.  Of course we can hardly count this past week as seriously being in Mexico since Puerto Penasco is only 65 miles from the U.S. border.  Nonetheless, we got our little fix.  Coming back into the U.S. was the only ordeal we had.  When the border official asked Steve if we had purchased anything in Mexico, Steve said no. We had just been on a major supermarket shopping excursion but I learned a long time ago that border officials do not like me answering for Steve so I just made a face.  We were sent to the inspection area and quizzed on every bit of food we had and also had our refrigerator and freezer searched.  Apples are no longer allowed so we had to give those up and also some chicken that we have had for months and months that I was glad to ditch since we would not have eaten it anyway.