Sliding Along

Steve got the slide back in by using a wrench to turn the rod that runs from one side to the other.  Thank goodness or we would have been sitting at cold Bryce National Park until Monday when the mechanics were working.  And Steve did something inside to the slide so it wouldn’t accidentally come out.

We continued along the scenic route and made lots of stops at overlooks.  I have many pictures to download and show you.  Here’s one for now that was taken at Bryce.  It was 49 degrees and the elevation 9115 feet here.



  1. wow, that's gorgeous of Bryce with snow. I didn't realize the elevation there was so high. Glad Steve was able to get the slide back in– that's got to be my biggest RV fear and I'd be clueless of how to get it back in. If he'll let you do a post and pictures on what kind of tools he used and what he did, that sure might be valuable to other View owners! Fingers crossed that it can get fixed once you get back home for less than 1 week of Millie's vet bills 🙂


  2. Steve ordered the part and will complete the repair after he gets back from Kansas. I will do my best to take pictures and also to comprehend what Steve shows and tells me about the two different breakdowns and repairs so far.

    Sorry about Millie's vet bills – I bet it's just enormous for all these treatments. It will be worth it when Millie is all healed and well again. I'm glad the radiation is over with now and she can start feeling better.


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