Our Trip Has Been Shafted

We spent last night at the Bryce National Park campground.  That in itself is a tale of misery.  We couldn’t get level at four different sites and finally had to park next to a tent (a no-no in our book) to get a half way decent site.  Sure enough, the “kids” stayed up past midnight making a racket and were up again at 5:30 blaring their music.

But the worst part is when we tried to put the slide in this morning it went clunk and didn’t move.  We’ve been through this before and Steve was sure that a broken shear pin was the problem which he knows how to fix.  But now he’s discovered it’s a broken shaft.  All he wants to do at this point is get the slide in so we can drive home.  I’m sure Steve will figure it out because he’s very good at mechanical problems.

At least we did see Bryce and I will post pictures at a later time.