Sitting Tight in Manitou Springs

Haven’t been posting because we have been staying close to home but we are just fine.  It’s the time of year when Manitou Springs has a lot going on, is packed with tourists, the weather is perfect, there’s no bugs, and we don’t want to be any place else.  Winter time is another story!  Island with a palm tree


Steve and I are both getting a thorough going over with medical check-ups.  We’ve had 3 appointments so far this month with 6 more to go.  We will be breathing easier if we pass all our tests.  Steve is almost a year overdue having his aneurysm checked so that is the biggest hurdle. Fingers crossed


Above is the best vegetarian restaurant in the Colorado Springs area, Adams Mountain Café.  It’s wonderful sitting outside under the awning next to the creek.  So to all my family reading this; lunch there is my birthday wish! Birthday cake Gift with a bow

Manitou Springs, Colorado

The Loop Mexican restaurant above usually wins the vote for best Margarita’s in the area.  Martini glass 

And, we will have special visitors end of next month to really liven things up!  Party smile