By The Sea

of Cortez in sunny San Carlos which is about 270 miles south of Nogales.  We are in the Tontonaka RV park which has every amenity possible.  There are about 50 other RVs here and from what I understand, many are just here for a day or a few before going further south like us.  For now, my mom and I are going to rest for a few days before heading out again. 
We left Tucson kind of late yesterday and only drove 70 miles into Mexico where we spent the night at a small RV park in Santa Ana that is owned by an American woman and her Mexican husband.  They gave us a great map on how to get through Hermasillo and that went well.  My only problem was stopping at immigration, which is about 15 miles south of the border, to get visas.  I passed the entrance to the parking lot and was at the point of having to go through the gates so drove in through the exit.  No one cared except a crotchedy old American man who asked me if I knew I was driving the wrong way.  I love Mexicans for their lack of caring about stuff like that.  They just smile and are so helpful.
I’ll try and take some pictures tomorrow.

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