Such Nice People

Am I loving this life again!  Husband Steve and I RV’ed for two years and met so many fantastic people and that’s what I missed the most when we moved back into our house.  We’ve been gone less than a week and have had such nice encounters.  Here you will meet a few + the one not so nice.


This 5th wheel from California pulled in next to us in Santa Ana.  The owners of the park were a bit concerned about us two women traveling alone so unknown to us, they asked the California couple if we could follow them the 200 miles to San Carlos.  Later Anna, one of the owners, told me what she had asked the couple and they said no.  Unreal. Not that we cared anyway.


This is Edgar, Anna’s husband, who used to be a famous rock and roll singer in Mexico with a group called Los Thunderbirds.  He kept offering to take us on errands if we needed anything.


We are parked behind Lyle here in San Carlos.  He helped guide me in, helped me hook up, and gave me some awning lessons.  Lyle is a 77 year old full timer and spends 6-7 months out of the year here at San Carlos. 


This is my mother, Margareta, and Helmut.  Background: The next leg of our journey is about 10 hours long.  There are no really good places to stay in between (gas stations and one lousy RV park that no one likes).  Someone told me that Helmut and his wife might leave tomorrow if they can get a broken spring on their 5th wheel repaired today.  I walked over to their RV and explained my situation.  It turns out Helmut is Austrian, like my mother, so I brought him over to meet her.  They sat and talked for hours and I loved hearing the Austrian dialect of my relatives.  And we will buddy travel south together whatever day that may be.  It doesn’t matter.


Totonaka RV Park


View across the road from the park.


It costs $24 a night to stay here or $525 a month.  There’s American cable TV, free wifi, laundry, showers, club house, etc.  The bus stop is right across the street for going further into town or into Guaymas.  I would say half the people that pull in here are on their way further south.


  1. So glad you're meeting some nice guardian angels. So cool that fellow Austrians meet up half a world away! That park in San Carlos looks pretty swank– no wonder half the folks just stay there and never desire to go further south.

    Well, glad you're getting your sea legs and are having a fun time RVing again.

    My mom and I are driving down to Kansas City for a few days tomorrow. Should be sunny and in the 50s. Not as warm as Mexico, but every little bit will help me this winter!


  2. Oh, I wouldn't take the CA couple's refusal to have you follow them as an insult. Some people, admittedly myself, like to go at our own pace without having the responsibility of other people and they probably believed, yea KNEW, that you'd be just fine without following them. I have never caravanned, even when driving Mexico alone with three kids, because we have enough going on without adding to the chaos. It's like, unless I'm going on the search party to find someone should something go wrong, I'll just meet them at the next stop. Besides, you never know if YOU want to be following THEM. Don't let it rile you. I'd bet that it's a simple matter of style preference during travel. Big hugs!


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