Leaving Tomorrow

Helmut got his RV repaired and wants to try to make it all the way to Mazatlan.  It’s going to be a long driving day tomorrow.

A youngish couple from Holland pulled in this evening.  They have been traveling the world in their RV for the past 13 years.  He was amazed to see our RV named Tulip with a Dutch flag on the side (along with other European flags) because not too many people ship RVs to Europe.  Hope to see them down south so that I can get more information about their travels.

Lyle wanted to show me his RV and weather station so I went over to take a look.  His wife left him at the border 6 weeks ago in their tow vehicle.  I was feeling very sorry for him until he asked me if I wanted to “fool around”.  What did you say!!!?????  I said goodbye about 3 seconds later.  Good grief he knows I’m married. My mother thinks it’s funny but right now I don’t.


  1. That's hysterical. Leave it to Evelyn to find the one horny old man in the RV Park! Good thing you guys have Helmut to convoy further south with (and you won't be spending your winter being chased around the park by Lyle)!!!


  2. Hopefully Lyle is gone when we stop in San Carlos on our way back north. But if everything goes to plan, my mother flies home next month and Steve will fly down to drive back with me when I'm ready to leave.


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