Resting In Mazatlan

The drive from San Carlos took 13 hours and we didn’t arrive here until well after dark.  Not a good day to say the least.  Helmut missed a turn just 6 miles from San Carlos and came to a dead end in the plaza of a little tiny village, requiring him to try and backup his 5th wheel a good city block.  He was stressed and could not make the trailer go straight.  Several police were standing around watching and smiling and finally one of them told Helmut to get out of his truck and the policeman expertly backed up the 5th wheel in nothing flat.  Then they had another policeman on a motorcycle lead us a good 10 miles to the main highway. 


Helmut in the road while the police back up his 5th wheel.  It wasn’t quite light yet.

So then we realized that we wouldn’t get to Celestino RV park (about 40 miles north of Mazatlan) before dark so we decided to stay in a popular large Pemex truck stop that is fenced and guarded.  Then Helmut decided it was too early to stop there at 2 pm or so.  On we went to Celestino and it got dark an hour before getting to the turnoff.  I can’t see in the dark so was trying to follow Helmut’s tail lights but he kept going faster and faster trying to get somewhere.  I don’t even drive at home in the dark let alone on not so good Mexican highways.  So we get to the Celestino turnoff which is a little dirt road and then you have to go through a village and along some railroad tracks and Helmuts pulls over under the underpass along the highway.  He tells me he’s not going on that dirt road which I don’t blame him since he can’t drive in the daylight let alone at night.  At least I got through to him that I can’t drive 70 mph at night and he slowed down all the way to Mazatlan.


Las Jaibas is a large RV park on the north end of town in the resort area.  This is the park where a Canadian got shot 3 years ago and it scared so many people from coming down here the past few winters.  Lightening can’t strike twice in the same place, right?  I feel totally safe.


Beautiful flowers in the park and that is the pool in the background.  It rained all night and is very muggy today.  The last time we were in Mazatlan it seemed to have a more arid climate.  Maybe it’s just the front that is here that’s making it a bit uncomfortable.


$25 a night for RVs under 28 feet – otherwise it is $30.  This park is better for people with tow vehicles because it’s a long walk anywhere.  We are leaving tomorrow for our final destination which is about a 5 1/2 hour drive.  Can’t wait to get the awning and table and chairs out.


This old bus is set up very nice and comfy.


  1. Good grief! I'll bet your husband is grinding his teeth in his sleep tonight! What an awful experience!!!

    I'd MUCH rather drive by myself, that way I can stop and think about it if I'm confused or unsure about something. And I can follow my maps and GPS and go at my own speed. In over a year and a half, my GPS has only misguided me once.

    I shouldn't say this, but sometimes some men get very competitive when they are driving. You know… and I think I would have just slowed down. If he didn't get the message, you could have continued on by yourself and probably gotten there sooner.

    Oh well, thank goodness you arrived safely. I hope by now you are at your final destination, sitting under the awning having a nice cold drink.


  2. I was in a bind at the time Helmut started driving so fast because it was getting dark and we were miles from stopping anyplace for the night. Unfortunately, there are hardly any places for RVs to stay between San Carlos and Mazatlan. From here on down the coast there are lots of places because it's pretty much where everyone wants to be. I'll not be so trusting again – especially of an overbearing man who won't listen to anyone but his own voice.


  3. Following clueless men around Mexico has produced some wild adventures, hasn't it? Haha! Ev, you are FAR smarter than any of the guys you have caravanned behind on your Mexico trips. They would be lucky to follow you! Agree with “me and my dog” that it is far easier to go it alone. You and your Mom can charm your way out of any circumstance, so believe in yourselves. You are completely competent and sufficient. 🙂


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