Laundered Money

Although the RV park we are in is beautiful and has everything we need, the town of La Penita is very poor.  It’s a working class town with none of the usual tourist amenities.  Plenty of places to buy what we need but the few blocks walk into the towns’ center is through very poor and dirty neighborhoods. 

I’m telling you this because we dropped off our laundry at a place between the RV park and town.  Laundries here consist of a few old washers and dryers in a tiny semi-outdoor room.  I picked up ours today for a total cost of 40 pesos (about $3.25) and taped to the side of our plastic covered bundle of clothes was a 200 peso bill.  The young laundry lady doesn’t speak a word of English and I sure don’t know Spanish, but she motioned that she found the bill in a pants pocket.  I tipped her well.  The laundry consisted of sheets, towels, and clothes therefore $3.25 is pretty darned inexpensive but the best part is how good the laundry smells and how neatly it’s all folded.

I’ve been keeping track of expenses and particularly wanted to know what it would cost to get down here and had come up 210.50 peso short in expenses vs. cash.  I just assumed I forgot to write down some of the toll road costs but the money in my pocket explains most of the shortage.

Had not used the shade screen since the last time in Mexico three years ago.  Everyone has them and our neighbors have their little private area all decorated with Christmas lights. 


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so beautiful with your private place to relax. What a wonderful tale of honesty with your 200 pesos! I just love the spirit of Mexican people- so lovely! Great to hear you're doing well and enjoy that delightful clean laundry. Ahhh…


  2. I was expecting a horror story, but instead you wrote about a very honest, hardworking woman who returned found money. That's so nice to hear.

    What a nice, relaxing campsite – you must be taking it easy enjoying yourselves!


  3. The Mexican people are some of the nicest and most helpful people on earth. And the vast majority, no matter how poor, are totally honest and generous to boot.

    Unfortunately, we get too much negative press and people don't hear about the good people.


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