Farmers Market

La Penita hosts the largest farmers market in the state of Nayarit each Thursday.  I went this morning and it was huge.  Produce and food items are a very small part of the market.  They also had clothes, yarn, plants, household items, rugs, freshly made juice, you name it.

Smoothie or milkshake fun

Other than the temptation of fresh shrimp and fish, it is so easy and inexpensive to be vegetarian here.  For instance, today I bought a very large fresh pineapple out of the back of a farmers pickup truck.  At the market I bought 4 medium sized tomatoes, 4 bananas, and 3 cucumbers.  Total cost in dollars for everything, including the pineapple, was $1.66.  The tomatoes were only 32 cents and the bananas 22 cents. 

I’ve never seen pineapples from Mexico sold in the US and wonder why.  The ones here are better than what we get in the grocery stores at home because they are sweet and juicy and not so tart.

Now if we could only be rid of all the sweets and other unhealthy foods my mom brought.  For instance;  a 3 pound box of Belgian cookies, German chocolates, cheeses, white bread. I did give away half the cookies to our friends in Tucson and tomorrow when we have a special happy hour here at the park I will cut into little cubes a lot of the cheese and salami she brought.  My mother has decided it’s too hard for her to walk into town anymore so from now on she will be at the mercy of whatever groceries I buy!


This is the palapa at the front of the property where we will meet for happy hour tomorrow.  Actually, there is happy hour every day but hardly anyone goes.  Between 9 RVers and the owners, there are only 11 of us.  Oops 12.  The owners cousin lives in a separate apartment in the house.

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  1. I love fish and fresh fruits and veggies – I wish our prices were that low. Sounds like a great farmer's market, I guess having to walk there and back, carrying your purchases, would limit what you buy. Might be good for the budget!!


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