Near Yuma

This afternoon is the first time that I have had time to turn on my computer in several days but now I have a few hours of down time to do a little catching up.
Lynne and I rendezvoused at the Route 66 Travel Center west of Albuquerque Saturday and I followed as we quickly got on our way. We had one quick lunch stop at Wendy’s where Lynne the vegan surprised me by eating chili!  I backslide too because I cannot resist eggs and fish occasionally.
We had many miles to cover by Sunday so we drove into the night through Flagstaff where we encountered thick fog, drizzly snow, and 30 degree temperatures.  On the outskirts of town we started our decent to a lower elevation, higher temperatures, and clear skies.  Wonderful!  We spent the night near Cottonwood on BLM (free) land with a great view overlooking the valley.  No pictures though – sorry.
Sunday we arrived to our camping spot almost within walking distance of Algodones, Mexico.  Lynne’s friend Bob met us here as he also had dental work to be done.  Bob is a camp host in Death Valley and calls himself a recreation engineer.  He is very handy and right at the moment is helping Lynne install a solar setup in her latest Winnebago View.  They have just taken a run to Yuma for some more parts and I am minding the dogs.
I had my first dental appointment this morning and was prepped for 6 crowns that will be placed on Friday.  I have never been so numb but sure do like the dentist I went to, Dr. Castanades of Bernal Dental.  His specialty is cosmetic dentistry so his prices are a bit higher than normal.  However, the price per crown is much less than what I would have paid in Colorado and that is WITH dental insurance.  Algodones is the place to go for optical, pharmacy, and dental

  Here comes Lynne and her new/old Winnebago View towing Ol’ Yellar
Bob, Lynne, Molly, and Millie


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