On Our Way Farther South

Our three days in San Carlos were busy.  One day Lynne drove us into Guaymas to the Telcel (Mexican telephone and internet) store to buy mobile internet for us both and a SIM card for my unlocked phone.  I have been in San Carlos three times previously but never with a tow car and we sure made good use of Lynne’s.  We drove to the fair west end of San Carlos and were blown away by the beauty of the sea, the cactus covered hills, marinas, and gorgeous homes.  Lynne was so impressed all she could do was utter every cuss word in the book over and over.  I’m sure she will post pictures on her blog eventually.

Today we planned to drive from San Carlos to northern Mazatlan.  It’s a long drive, 486 miles, but doable if you start at first light and take no more than a 30 minute break.  Steve and I made the drive from Mazatlan in March and arrived in San Carlos at 4 pm.  I have the problem of not being able to see at night.  Tail lights that are one mile away suddenly look 50 feet away so it is imperative that I drive only during daylight.  Anyway, last night we unhooked, fueled up, and parked in the middle aisle of Totonanka RV Park ready to go in the morning.


RV’s leaving in the morning often park in the very wide aisle overnight.  There are even hookups on the aisle if needed.

I pulled to the front of the park ready to leave at the agreed 7 am to make use of every bit of daylight but……


Lynne is on the internet.  Boy, I thought I was addicted!  We finally left at 7:30 which already gave me a sinking feeling.  Then poor Millie, Lynne’s dog, got the runs and naturally we had to stop more often until she was cleaned out. 

There just is no good place to stay overnight between San Carlos and Mazatlan.  Los Mochis has a run down RV park that no one stays in with hooligans nearby making noise late into the night or we could go 30 miles one way off the highway to a beach campground.  We had no choice but to pull into a truck stop gas station in Los Mochis (Pemex #7027 in case you never hear from us again) where there is a security guard.  I would pay $100 for a tranquilizer right now! 

I think we have about 275 miles to go tomorrow and hope we make it before dark because there is truly no where to stay unless we find another truck stop.


  1. San Carlos is a beautiful place to visit but we find it too far north and is is often cold during the winter months. We have only ever overnighted at Totonaka and hence only parked on the edge of the road, always ready to leave at 7 AM. That means engines on at 6:50AM!!


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