Moved Further South

You all know how I can’t sit in one place very long. Yesterday Molly and I decided we needed a change of scenery so we moved to RV2, perhaps 1/4 mile south of RV1 in the Tres Amigos RV Park.  And so far we are loving our new digs.

The RV sites here are at an angle thus capturing a nice breeze. There was none whatsoever at the other park. Before, the internet lasted 20 minutes at most before cutting out.  Over here it is constant and I’m able to Skype with my family without being disconnected or our speech being broken up.  I think eventually the internet problems will be solved at RV1 but for now nothing that is done seems to work.


Just like in RV1 when I arrived, the guys here pitched in and immediately set up my awning.  The hedge at the back of the property is lush with so many different colors of flowering bushes and I also have this flowering hedge behind Tulip.


There are 4 rows of sites over here vs. 2 and so there is a choice of which way to face.  This time I have the morning sun on the awning and shade in the afternoon.  Because of the way I was facing before it was almost impossible to sit outside in the afternoon.  Tulip is now cooler and perfectly comfortable inside. There is also a small view of the ocean. 


The botanical gardens are behind RV1 and here there is an attractive coconut plantation.


The beach is quieter and emptier, not that it matters, as there are no restaurants farther south than the one next to RV1.  Another bonus is that the park owner has left one front row site unoccupied so that the back row people can have a place to come sit and enjoy the views.


We are next door to the Maria Coral Hotel. They have a special rate for guests of the RV park that is quite reasonable. 


Pretty Sprinter van parked outside our gate.  I see more and more Mexican businesses with Sprinters which means there has to be places to get them worked on should we have a problem with our Sprinter based RV.  I’m curious how the newer than 2007 ones run without access to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel in Mexico.

The folks here were very welcoming (same as RV1) and immediately invited me to a potluck last night.  It was nice to meet everyone right off although I had previously met some of the people from Colorado.

There are more cute dogs here too, including some Westies, that all want to play with Molly.  And Molly is still not keen on having her picture taken. She thinks she is invisible if she closes her eyes.

DSC_4047 -1


  1. Evelyn, We looked up Isla Piedra on Google Earth and the first thing we noticed was the fact that the RV1 sites were stacked next to each other. I am so glad you blogged on RV2. By the way, I have a Westie!


  2. We have a fifth wheel (38') with a front living room. Can you drive on the beach? We are in Florida in a campground on the beach and we drove it straight in to the site and drove out along the beach to head the living room towards the beach.

    Finnean looks forward to meeting Molly!

    Just in case you want to check out my blog, it is I haven't been very good about updating it lately but has my story!


  3. My first reaction to your question was that you could not drive on the beach because there is about a 2-3 high wall to the park. But I talked to some neighbors here and they said there was a couple who one year built a ramp to get down when they left but that was from RV1 and didn't believe it was possible to do from RV2.

    I just had a conversation with the owner of the park and can relay some other info which would be best done by email. My address is:

    Going to check out your blog now!


  4. Have you heard of a park called Punta Cerritos RV? My husband checked it out on Google Earth. Looks like the folks there have built palapas, porches, you name in on their site. By the way, we are here in Indian Pass, Florida and it is suppose to get down to 21F. And, the wind is blowing. Definitely looking for a new spot next winter!!


  5. I am constantly amazed at how much information I get just by asking on the internet! You are wonderful. The permanency is what intrigues us. The price, however, that you paid ($26/night) does not! I am going to have to do research and see if there is a long-term rate.


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