Hooray For The Broncos!

For my European friends, the Broncos are a professional football team from Colorado and after their win yesterday against the New England Patriots, they will be going to the championship game called the Super Bowl. 


Lola the Westie is dressed in a Broncos dress to match her owner Alberta.  Alberta and her husband Steve are yet another Colorado couple who arrived about a week ago.  I sat with them for just the last quarter because 2 1/2 hours is a long time to look at a game that I don’t understand how it is played.


Two big screen TV’s were setup outside one of the RV’s for the football games.  Juan the Pizza man brought his cart and pizza ovens to provide what seemed like unlimited shrimp pizza and also ham and pineapple pizza.


One of the guys here knows a hairdresser and arranges for her to come to the park occasionally. Yesterday morning we set up shop on my site for a few haircuts.  Irna did a wonderful job on my hair by taking a few inches off and putting in some layers.  After that several of the men had their hair cut.


The pretty young lady is Irna’s daughter.  Bud on the left is 6’9” tall.  His son is coming to visit and I’ve been told he is 7’4” and used to be a basketball player but I can’t remember what team.

A masseuse also comes to the park to give hour long massages and tomorrow I have an appointment to get my first one ever.  If he can work the kinks out of my back and neck I’ll be happy.  The going price in this area is about 20 dollars for an hour.  This is the life! 


  1. TALK ABOUT the Life! Delicious pizza made on site while yall gather for a game, Hairdressers at your door and cheap hour long massages? Soak it up is all I can say 🙂

    Enjoying your blog posts!


  2. Not to mention the lady who brings eggs from her chickens, makes tamales, chili rellenos, and flan that she delivers right to the RV.
    And of course there is the daily vegetable truck that also carries bread and eggs.


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