Filling In The Puzzle

The house and travel plans are falling into place with the biggest parts of the puzzle having been solved. 

First, we are going to rent out our house for at least a year and that decision feels right.  Eventually Steve will be old enough for Social Security and then we can be like the Canadians where we stay home for six months in the spring and summer and head south for the winter.  Trying to sell our house on top of getting rid of so much was too overwhelming at this time. 

Second, as much as we want never to get on a plane, the added cost of cruising back to the U.S. is not justified so we will fly back to the west coast.

Third, I just booked the second free cruise (Hawaii in December) and nearly missed out because the ship is almost booked solid.  We couldn’t  get a good cabin location even though we also had a two category cabin upgrade offer as well.  We will be on the lowest deck unless we decide to pay the extra for a balcony cabin.  This reservation agent was just as amazed as the one we talked to before when we booked the Australia cruise.  She said she had worked for this cruise line for several years and has booked many people onto free cruises but has never seen anyone get an offer for anything over a 7 day cruise.  She said we must be very good customers.  As I mentioned previously, I have a theory and will tell you later what that is.

There are quite a few cruises from Australia to New Zealand beginning in October, however at present most of the fares are still at full price.  I don’t think there’s any urgency now about booking that cruise or for reserving a motor home in Australia and in New Zealand.  Hopefully, some good deals will pop up.

I see that there are several repositioning cruises from the U.S. and Canada’s west coast to Australia. The prices are very reasonable compared to what they were a few years ago. You can’t beat a cruise for the ability to see several places at an affordable price.  Yes, we do take the chance of catching a stomach virus when cruising but it seems I always always get a respiratory illness when I fly and I prefer the former poison.

I’m packing a little each day and pretty soon we will rent a storage unit so that we can gradually move our things in rather than all at once.

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