We are getting pulled in many directions right now between packing, gardening, Steve working, getting ready for a trip to Kansas, trip planning, and doing last fixes and improvements to the house.  There was a delayed response to our ads to sell items and all of a sudden we had such a rush that two people drove up at that same time to buy our window air conditioner.  Needless to say we received full asking price.

Boy oh boy, are the RV rental prices sky high in Australia and New Zealand.  And the initial price is not even the price as there are charges for all the extras such as: 2% for using a credit card, a charge for each lawn chair and table, and insurance can be as much as $45 per day.  We are looking at $4000 for a month if we get lucky and that’s for a van type RV with bathroom.   And I’m reading bits here and there with advice to stay away from certain RV rental companies for some of their unethical ways. For instance, one lady was charged an extra $2500 because the company said she had damage underneath the motor home.  Oh and the fine print:  No coverage for rolling over even if you have bought the best insurance.  A few companies have good deals on relocating an RV but rarely from the cities that we would pick up from.  If we were going to stay in Australia several months then we would definitely purchase an old RV and sell it at the end on consignment. We know of one person who did that.  Anyhow, it will all work out.

Received our maps and books today and can’t wait to curl up this evening and start reading.


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