Knee Deep In Everything

Much has been accomplished recently and I don’t feel so overwhelmed.  Steve has 23 more working days left and won’t relax until he is a free man.  Actually I will feel a lot less stressed too because he has been stopped for speeding twice in the last two months commuting to work.  The second time was on my birthday which was on Canada Day.  Steve had bought me a Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens as an early birthday gift back in April so it was agreed I wouldn’t get anything on my actual birthday.  Well, after talking the officer out of a speeding ticket and receiving a warning instead, Steve figured he had better soften the blow when he had to tell me about it.  So he bought me more birthday presents – flowers and a lotion called Stress Relief from the Bath and Body Works shop. Smart man.

One Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock we decided to build a dry creek bed through the rock garden.  Off to the landscaping materials yard we went.  We hand picked river rocks and loaded 1/3 of a ton into the back of the Tracker.  Along with the rock and weed barrier, the total project cost $18.89 and was done by 7 that evening.


The next project was to seal the slate on the front porch.


What a difference and we should have done it a long time ago.  But it is par for the course that we have always gotten our houses in tip top shape right before we move out.


This year has been wetter than usual and so the trash trees that grow up from the street on the side of our house and in the back behind the fence had gotten out of control.  The hard part is not the cutting everything down, it’s dealing with the piles and piles of branches afterwards.


Then the refrigerator sprang a leak and warped the wood flooring in front of it.  Steve shut down the water line to the icemaker and will try to track down the problem this weekend.  This big black refrigerator was in the house when we bought it and I’ve secretly wanted it to die for a long time because I don’t like black appliances.  But now is not the time.


I’m over half way done with packing the house and would you believe we are on a waiting list to get a storage unit?  It seems like business is booming everywhere lately.  Even some of the RV rental companies in New Zealand were already booked for the dates we needed.

After many hours of looking for a motor home to rent in New Zealand, I finally found a good one yesterday.  The company is going to receive from Germany some brand new camper vans (as they are called in Australia and NZ)  in October similar to the one pictured below and is offering a 20% discount on these plus another 10% discount for paying the entire price up front rather than just a deposit.  I jumped on it as they only had one left to rent out.


I think if the free cruises had not fallen into our laps and we otherwise had to choose when to RV in either Australia or New Zealand,  we would go in our summer time.  The rates go up each and every month heading into our winter.  I saw one motor home that rented for $342 a day in November and $100 a day in July.

However, as much as is practical, we have made the decision to not cheap out on this trip of a lifetime so that later we are not saying “coulda, woulda, shoulda”.

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