Stormy Weather

It’s that time of year when Colorado gets afternoon thunderstorms every day.  It’s been a wet year and a person could almost imagine that we are in the tropics with the morning fog hanging low over the very green mountains across from our house.

Steve took one of his personal leave days from work today and we were out running around when the biggest storm of the year hit.  The roads in and out of Manitou were closed due to flooding concerns so what could we do but find a nice Greek restaurant (Jake and Telly’s in Old Colorado City) and wait until the roads were open again.  Of course we had a wonderful meal and the Greek music is always so lively.

We got home about 6 and soon afterwards the flash flood warning sirens went off because the next round was coming.  We looked out the windows towards Pikes Peak and could not believe our eyes.  First there was an eerie light, and then dark clouds moving faster than I have ever seen clouds move and rain that was exactly sideways.  I didn’t have time to grab my camera from the next room therefore I took these pictures with my phone.


At the very same time as this was happening out the side window, the view out back was just fine until just 60 seconds later and then it looked like this:


Another 60 seconds and we couldn’t see a thing:


I doubt it’s possible for rain to come down any harder.20140716_194023

And hail that piled up quickly but at least it was small sized.  The roads are closed again as well as the only highway that goes up the pass into the mountain communities.  A tremendous amount of flood mitigation work has been done this year and so far it seems to be working because the creek below our house has not overflowed as it did last year.  The experts advise that this area has 8 more years of potential flooding every summer due to the runoff from the large forested area where the Waldo Canyon Fire occurred two years ago.  Eventually there will be enough new vegetation to hold more of the moisture.

Had Steve worked today he would be getting off right now at 10 pm and would be unable to get home because the roads are still closed.  I just read that a storm surge is expected and emergency personnel are watching the creek in the event it crests.

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