Rough Seas Today

I didn’t have a chance to upload a blog post while in Puerto Vallarta yesterday and the satellite internet on the ship is not strong enough to include pictures. It takes about 15 minutes just to get to the email and read it.

Seems like I read somewhere that the port of Tahiti has internet and that the signal can be picked up from the ship. Hopefully it is strong enough to upload a few pictures but that is another 6 days and over 2000 miles away.

In the meantime, we are doing great. About the time we left Puerto Vallarta last night the captain came on the intercom and said there was a tropical storm 70 miles to the west and that we would follow the Mexican coast for a while to avoid the worst of the storm. At the same time, the crew secured all the deck chairs and emptied the swimming pools. Today the decks are all closed off and the sea is a bit rough. Waves are 12 feet high (4 meters). It looks cold and stormy outside but it is actually 82 degrees.

Steve and I were sitting by the window at the buffet lunch and saw a little bird floating on a very small package that was tied up like it was to be mailed. Poor thing so far from land.

There are two cousins at our evening dining room table who are also on this cruise for free because one of them gambled quite a bit on a previous cruise. Coincidentally, like us she also chose the same Hawaii cruise in December as her second freebie.

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