Bon Voyage

Monday 22 September – I uploaded this post the same time as the Puerto Vallarta post but it never appeared on the blog.  Here it is now, better late than never.

Monday, 1 September – It is so nice to know we have no responsibilities for 3 weeks. The cabin steward appears twice a day to clean, make our beds,  straighten up, and leave the next days Fun Times that outlines all the activities and schedules for the following day.  When we boarded and arrived in our cabin we were met with a basket of fruit, wine, and cheese goodies; plus a plate of chocolate covered strawberries courtesy of our special friend from Houston.  Thank you again Tessa!

This Carnival trip is a bit different from others as it has more international cruisers, hardly any children, and more seniors.  It makes for a quieter experience as some of the Carnival cruises are a bit hectic and loud.  And because of having so many other countries represented, we are served more international foods and best of all –  strong coffee from a special machine that grinds the beans and brews the coffee as we pour.

Carnival 5

Departing Long Beach, California


Almost everyone has seen the red tail on the Carnival ships.  The red glassed part looks down upon a steak and seafood restaurant.

P1000409The glitzy main lobby/atrium is seven stories high and has glass elevators.

P1000411The third deck reminds me of the cruise ships from many years ago.  Back in the olden days the military often sent soldiers and families overseas via ship and we twice crossed the Atlantic where the decks looked like this but with smaller port holes. I would love to have this flooring in our house.  It is a textured hickory color with black rubber between the planks.  You know it would be easy maintenance if it can withstand all that it goes through at sea.

Carnival 3This is the first time I have seen these rounded sun loungers and they are absolutely wonderful.  It is quite hot as of today but you can sit outside and stay shaded in them.


You can see here how small our interior room is.  It’s not much wider than the king bed but worth the $1200 savings not having upgraded to a balcony room. Steve is getting ready to go to the gym which he has been doing each afternoon.  I’m still thinking about it.

DSC 5616We have a Rodeo Drive, a curvy hallway with shops. Most of the merchandise is rather expensive but from past experience I knew that after a few days the $10 items would be put out.  I needed a watch and so here is my big $10 splurge + no tax.  It tells time and the numbers are big enough to see without glasses.

The ship just passed Cabo San Lucas and tomorrow morning we will be in Puerto Vallarta for a stay of 12 hours.  Our visits to PV have always been in the winter so I am curious how hot and humid PV will feel. There is a wifi kiosk right off the ship in PV and hopefully I can post this.

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