No Monday This Week

The ship crossed the International Date Line last night and we went from Sunday straight to Tuesday along with one hour back. About every third night our clocks go back one hour and it has made for going to bed and getting up early every day.

Still have not had internet strong enough to upload my regular posts with pictures. Perhaps tomorrow from Fiji where for once we don’t have a tour booked. We are sorry we booked the last three through the cruise ship because there are plenty of tours at each dock for 1/2 or less from what we paid.

Steve was finally getting over his cold and it hit again yesterday. Several people have them. Otherwise we haven’t heard of any stomach viral outbreaks, no deaths, and just one heart attack so far (the person was taken off in Tahiti). We were talking to some people yesterday that were on a transatlantic cruise that got hit by the norovirus where 700 people were ill and 8 died. It wasn’t the ships fault though. Some cruisers caught it in a hotel in Rome and brought it onto the ship. The problem is that people don’t want to say they are sick and then their virus spreads.

I’ve been behaving myself and have stayed out of the casino, meaning we won’t get any more free cruises. If we cruise with Carnival for a total of 200 days we will then get another free one. I don’t think we will reach that milestone but you never know. We walk four laps around deck ten each morning which equals one mile and would do more but don’t want to get too much sun. I’ve taught Steve how to play Cribbage and that is a daily routine with a Margarita every third day. Drinks are expensive! I asked the bartender how poor alcoholics survive at those prices and he said if they are desperate enough they can drink the hand sanitizer that is all around the ship. Of course he was joking.

The weather has been great. Tahiti and Moorea were quite comfortable. Bora Bora was hot and humid but then there was a downpour in the afternoon and some people on tours got drenched. It’s about 82 degrees each day and it feels so good outside. The ship is air conditioned and Steve thinks that is why he has a cold.

Better end this now and hopefully it will send.

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