Sydney Rocks

The Rocks area of Sydney is the site of the first European settlement in 1788.  The Rocks was a commercial and maritime hub for many years.  With the construction of the Harbour Bridge in the 1920’s many of the buildings were demolished.  In the 1970’s the areas’ cultural and architectural heritage was recognized and the tourist driven redevelopment saved many of buildings.  The Rocks is now an area of mostly tourist shops and restaurants.


P1000971The Rocks is close to the Circular Quay and the downtown business district.

P1000979Dresses in this store in The Rocks ran $300 and up but you won’t see anyone wearing this type of clothing. Almost everyone one the street is wearing conservative black.  Black tights are very popular with short skirts.

TheRocks 1But look at the night views from The Rocks.  After Steve and the Houston ladies returned from the movies we walked to The Rocks to look for a place to eat.  Oh, I am supposed to let you know that it wasn’t the Shrek that they watched.  It was Teenage Mutant Ninjas in 3D.

TheRocks 9This German restaurant was the loudest place I have ever been in my life!  There were long tables absolutely full of beer drinking, partying Aussies.  We were the oldest people in the restaurant and were seated back in a corner but still couldn’t hear ourselves think.  Great food, a German band, and lots of fun!  Susan even entered a hammering contest and had much of the place shouting “Susan, Susan, Susan!”

After we ate we went to Susan and Alison’s AirBnb high up in The Rocks overlooking the city.

TheRocks 6No tripod but you can still get an idea of the scene.  This is the Circular Quay as taken from the balcony of Susan and Alison’s host.

TheRocks 24Coincidentally, while we were on the balcony the Carnival Legend left and we saw it just behind the opera house.  When I’m 80 I might like this picture.

TheRocks 18As you can see, everyone was having a good time.  The really good time pictures are not printable or else Susan and Alison might come after me!

TheRocks 27I like this one a lot and hope they do too.

TheRocks 29Note that my blouse has been changed.  S &  A have been doing everything in their power to give me some pizzazz right down to earrings, a low cut dress, and now this blouse from Susan who insisted I change into it for some pictures.

TheRocks 2The Rocks below, Circular Quay, and city.

TheRocks 20

TheRocks 34

The tall building with the blue writing on the top was our hotel.  The walk back to our hotel at 10:30 did not make us feel one bit unsafe.  I wouldn’t hesitate to walk here anytime day or night.  We could have easily spent our entire month in Sydney and Steve especially, wanted to.  If it was more affordable we probably would have.


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