Our time is almost over in our Sydney cocoon and then we have to brave driving on the left side of the road.  Did you know the Aussies also walk on the left side of the sidewalk?  As I mentioned earlier, our hotel is in the center of what is known as the Central Business District.  Although Sydney is a huge city, this part is very compact and it is so easy to get around by foot.  We are just a block from Wynard Station, the main bus and train depot that is underground.  There is also a supermarket underground and we immediately bought groceries to last four days.  It is such a lively and livable city.  And the Aussies are tall!  There are so many tall, young business men in the city that look like models and not a one slouches. They stand tall, unlike so many American slouchers.  Everyone is so polite and well mannered and helpful.

Our dinner partners from the Carnival have a place nearby.  We have gotten together once before and right now Steve is at the movies with them seeing some kind of animated movie in 3D called Shrek.  If they find their way back we will go out to eat.

Legend 2While those three are at the movies I am doing laundry in our wonderful studio apartment that has everything we need including a full kitchen and the washer and dryer.  This 28 story hotel is called The York.  I booked our apartment back in May and got a very good rate on an unrefurbished unit.  We asked about extending our stay but you don’t want to know their normal price.

Legend 123Legend 128Our view opposite unit and all around us is other skyscrapers.  This picture is a reflection of the pool on the 6th floor and me on the 10th floor.

Legend 90We walked through a small part of the Royal Botanical Gardens while our room was being made ready. The gates are the entrance to the park.

Legend 97The Government House is in the gardens but is gated and open for tours at certain times.  This day it was closed for a function.

Legend 98The pictures you always see of the opera house are taken from out on the water or from the Harbor Bridge.  This is taken from the opposite side arriving from the gardens.

The views from the opera house are some of the best in the city.  You can see the Carnival Legend, the city skyline, the Circular Quay, ferries coming and going, the Harbor Bridge, the Northshore, and more.

Legend 101Legend 108Harbor Bridge

Legend 119There are all sorts of boat tours you can take from the quay.  We thought about going in this jet boat but time got away from us.

Legend 118

There is more to come but I’ve a few hundred pictures to sort through and I’ve got to run now.  Later.


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