Accommodations In Australia

You might be curious to know what we are spending each night as we travel around Australia.  I think we have a pretty good feel for pricing by now and also what we prefer.  Every single place we have stayed at has had a small refrigerator, a kettle for boiling water, instant coffee, tea bags, sugar, milk, an ironing board, iron, and a TV.  Every place except two out of eight has had a microwave and toaster.

We have stayed in a motel three times now.  To get a room in a 1950’s non-updated motel (but very clean) cost us $105.  The second time we looked at a room that was $100 for a night we turned it down. We stayed in a Comfort Inn and another similar motel where the rooms are inside and updated and paid $132 and $135. Those were weekend rates and would have been more by $30 during the week.  Prices are in Australian dollars so deduct 11% to get US dollars.

The very nice York Hotel in Sydney with a full kitchen was $150 per night but we booked it four months in advance.

We have stayed in two Airbnb’s.  One was $122 per night and came with a great breakfast and our hostess insisted on doing our laundry.  The other had a full kitchen, was not up to date at all, had a double rather than queen bed, and the bathroom was across the patio.  It was $65 per night.

And twice now we have stayed in what is called a holiday park.  A holiday park has RV sites, some with private bathrooms at each site, cabins and/or apartments….some with kitchens some not, a pool, gas BBQ’s that are free, outdoor kitchens, maybe a game room.  We stayed in a nice one in Victor Harbor right on the ocean.  Weeknights were $85 and weekends $110 but we didn’t have a kitchen.  There was a community kitchen right out front of our unit that we used.

Now we are in another holiday park that has cabins and a row of motel looking apartments. When we checked in yesterday the clerk said a cabin without kitchen would be $125 and we would have to pay $15 extra for linens.  Just when we got ready to walk out she offered an apartment with full kitchen, all linens, and it even has an extra bedroom, for $100 a night. We signed on for three.

Prices are all over the place for the different cabins and RV sites because of off peak rates, shoulder rates, Christmas rates, and May races.  Every state in Australia has different schedules for peak and shoulder depending on the school schedules for that state.  I have the rate schedule for this park and a powered site can run from $31 to $55 a night, one with a bathroom runs from $36 to $64.  This park and the one we stayed at in Victor Harbor are Top Tourist parks which is similar to Good Sam in that if you get a membership ($30 for 2 years) you receive a 10% discount.

Our car rental is $30 per day so this gives you an idea of what we are spending per night.  If we had rented an RV from a reputable company it would have cost $150 per night minimum and we still would have had to pay for RV parks and more for fuel.  Now there are some bargain RV rentals that have no bathroom or just a porta potty.  That in conjunction with RV sites that have a bathroom would probably be the least expensive option for those on a limited budget.

Holiday parks are everywhere and easy to find.  I would bet Warrnambool, the town we are in now, has 4 or more.  We have come to the conclusion that we like holiday parks the best.  All the prices I mentioned above are AU dollars.

Holidaypark 1

This is where we are staying now for three nights.  The rooms are squeaky clean and the laundry is next to us.

Holidaypark 2Heated indoor pools and a jacuzzi.

Holidaypark 3Some of the individual cabins.

Holidaypark 4Community gas BBQs which are flat stainless steal cooking surfaces – free.  We have also seen these in picnic areas at no charge.

Holidaypark 5RV sites with individual private bathrooms and showers.  This park is pretty empty but the one in Victor Harbor was hopping because that state is having its school holiday and we were there on a Thursday and Friday.

Holidayparkapt 1Our apartment has a sofa and a good sized table that you can’t see. In the back there is another bedroom with three single beds. We also have free wifi and will not stay anywhere that charges for it.


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