Fleurieu Peninsula

The Fleurieu Peninsula, 45 minutes from Adelaide, has it all.  A Mediterranean climate, 50 wineries with world class wines,  miles and miles of vineyards, rolling green hills with pastures of grazing sheep and cows, beautiful beaches, the ferry to Kangaroo Island, surfing, orchards, locally produced cheeses and olives, historic river and coastal towns including Victor Harbor which is considered to be south Australia’s premier seaside town.

I can’t think of one thing the Fleurieu Peninsula did not have that we would have wanted and we could have easily spent our entire months vacation here.  It is a “do not miss” place to visit.

Fleurieu 1Fleurieu 2Fleurieu 3Fleurieu 4Fleurieu 5Fleurieu 6Our rental car is a Mitsubishi Lancer. Economical on gas, looks nice, and very uncomfortable for all except birds.

Fleurieu 7Fleurieu 8We walked the causeway bridge to and from Granite Island, accessible from downtown Victor Harbor.

Fleurieu 9

This sign on Granite Island  reads “Give Way To Penguins”.  We didn’t see any but there is a Penguin nursery where you can take a night time tour.

Fleurieu 10It’s a rather long walk to and from the island on the causeway but there is this trolley you can take across one way or both.

Fleurieu 11Fish and chips are on every menu and this place even had them in a cone.

Fleurieu 12We only see these trees along the coast.  The needles are shiny and almost plastic looking. Very attractive.

Hopefully I will get this blog caught up today so be sure to look back for more than one post.  Actually I posted twice yesterday and hope you saw the picture of the white kangaroo.

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