Lo De Marcos Beach Pictures

Let’s see how well the internet stays connected for this one. We didn’t have any at all yesterday but today has been good so far. I have spent the morning on much needed maintenance issues on this site and there is more to go.  I did update the “About Us” and “Tulip” tabs at the top of the page. I didn’t realize until today I could insert pictures on the pages tabs and so I’ve added some of mostly Tulip and plan to put more up from time to time.  It has taken a long time to get the hang of WordPress but now finally I am pleased with the migration from Blogger to WordPress.  There is so much more that can be done in WordPress and I’m only a small way along the path of teaching myself everything.  The one huge negative is that the excellent offline blog writing software, Windows Live Writer, doesn’t work on a Mac.  I’ve tried others that work with a Mac but they are El Crappo (in other words, not very good). When I get back to the US I will get assistance to partition the hard drive and install Windows on that part.  Since buying this Mac I have also missed using Corel Paint Shop Pro that I used to edit photographs, and partitioning the hard drive will solve that issue too.

Back on topic. There is no place in Mexico that can compare with the ocean colors. I don’t think I took one single picture last year on Stone Island that was half way decent of the ocean.  What is unique about Lo De Marcos is the sun doesn’t rise or set over the ocean and the light is always pretty good. You see some pictures in other areas where the saturation of the ocean and sky is so deep that it’s just boring.  I’ve been reading www.bumfuzzle.com for many years, in fact from the time he and his wife sailed around the world alone about 10 years ago. He used to solve the overly deep blue colors of the ocean and sky by adding a very, very light brown tinge to his pictures. If I ever meet him, I want to know how he did it, whether it was with software or a physical screw on filter.

Lagoon next to the north end of the beach

The foam makes nice patterns when the waves leave

Just the right amount of wave action

Learning to surf

P1030050-2 P1030054-2 P1030082-2 P1030058 DSC_6564-2 DSC_6591-2 LoDeMarcus-33

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