A Week With Mom In Puerto Vallarta

We decided it would be easier to do things with my mother and brother if we moved to Tachos Trailer Park in Puerto Vallarta. It is very close to the airport and the marina area where they would be staying. The one hour drive back and forth from Lo De Marcos most days would be too difficult. First, there is 20 miles of a two lane winding and hilly road to traverse that used to be easy. But now that there is an up and coming Mexican middle class, more people are driving to Puerto Vallarta from Guadalajara on this road. And many of these are young people with low and fast cars that travel in groups and naturally the first in line has to show how macho he is making this stretch the scariest and most dangerous we have encountered in all of Mexico.  All the crosses at the edge of the highway can attest to that.

Then there are 15 miles of four lane roads with lateral roads on each side that oversized vehicles must drive on. The problem is that the laterals start and end constantly.  I drove the Tracker and Steve followed me.  I very carefully got off onto each lateral but I skipped one that looked more like an exit for a shopping center. Steve was immediately pulled over by the Banderas Bay Transito police and I parked at a gas station and waited. The policeman took Steve’s license and gave him a citation and told him he could get his license back the next day when he paid the ticket.

We arrived at Tachos and were assigned a nice site next to the pool under many shade trees with this nice view.  Tachos is a huge park with 150 sites and is fairly full of people from Quebec.  They sure have beautiful motor homes. Most come down in caravans and are escorted by a Mexican Green Angels truck for the entire trip. I am really, really curious if each and every one of their large and beautiful motor homes has to get off onto the sometimes very small, pot holed, congested with parked cars, dirty, lateral roads. I seriously doubt it.


View from our site

Looking at Tulip across the pool

This pool area gets a lot of use. The Quebecers have line dancing lessons a few nights a week with some very nice music of the variety that you can either listen to or tune out, which is often not the case in Mexico.  There were also exercises classes many mornings in the pool.  Internet is only available at the pool area and the big palapa area has plugs for computers.

Not sure of where to go to pay the traffic ticket, Steve asked the manager for directions. He called someone who told in turn talked to Steve and told him to give the ticket to the manager and not to worry. The next day the manager came with Steve’s drivers license and a copy of the paid ticket at a much reduced amount.

That same morning, my mother and brother Patrick were getting a ride to the airport in Denver for the non-stop flight to Puerto Vallarta. Then I received a text message from a niece stating my brother wasn’t coming because there was a problem with his passport and he wasn’t allowed on the plane. All I could think of was that he was somehow mistakenly put on the No Fly List. But why? So I came to the conclusion it was because Patrick has a very Irish and common first and last name that perhaps also belongs to someone in the Northern Ireland IRA. I tried to call my mother before she got on the plane but she has had an ongoing problem figuring out that her phone must be turned on for her to receive calls.

She arrived safely and we got the story on what happened. Patrick’s passport had expired so he applied for a Passport Card instead of a real passport for about 1/4 the cost. Passport Cards can only be used for Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean when traveling in a motor vehicle or by cruise ship. To Frontier Airlines’ credit they took a lot of time making phone calls trying to get an exception for Pat but no go. They did readily refund the cost of his ticket and he made his way back to Colorado Springs by shuttle because his ride had left.  What a shame! Especially after he did the planning and booking.

We stopped at a restaurant for dinner and then took mom to her hotel to check in. She had gotten up very early and just wanted to sleep so we all called it a day.

Vamar Vallarta

Vamar’s huge pool backs up to the marina waterway


  1. That looks like a gorgeous view! I love reading about your winter in Mexico!! So glad your Mom got to visit- hoping Pat gets to come down soon too. That was nice of Frontier to refund his money.


  2. Well the lateral police got us going North. luckily we followed a truck towing a backhoe, it had no brake lights but saved our bacon! missed the last lateral, the jerk was there without a vehicle pulling unwary drivers over. What a crock! 6K from home and they treat you like that? Puerto Vallarta not interested in RV dollars that is for sure. We are saying NO to Puerto Vallarta, too many other destinations who treat RV tourists better!


    • I swear there must be paid spotters along that highway who call in to the transit police when they see a gringo coming. I say that because the police that stopped Steve came from the other direction, lights flashing, after we had passed the missed lateral. There is no way he would have known unless someone called him.

      I wonder if it’s a sham little police force just raking in the dough because where we would have had to go to pay the ticket is the town of Las Palmas, inland from the highway.

      We left PV in the morning along with the rush hour traffic and a good 50% of the many trucks did not take the laterals.

      Sorry it happened to you too. We will also never go back but more for the reason that Mazatlan is 10 times better than PV so why bother.


      • Could not agree with you More! Have rented an apartment in Mazatlan for Dec Jan Feb this coming winter. No need to come further South. Hated Melaque with a passion what a dirty little place! Do not see the appeal,the restaurants were excellent and the food very reasonably priced, Perhaps that is the appeal. Currently In LaPenita, all good here. Fell in Via Corona has been two weeks, still much pain from the fall Doctor here giving me shots, starting to feel better. Not going anywhere till I perk up. Gave Little Rig park a very large MISS!



  3. I cried the entire day the park owner slaughtered that dog so viciously.

    You two have sure been getting around and I am envious, we are staying put in Mazatlan until we leave for the US.

    That makes two of us that have been laid up. I’m down with bronchitis and came a hairs breath from being admitted to the hospital. Have to write a post about the amazing experience at the Marina Hospital.

    I hope you are better very soon!


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