It’s Been A While

There is more progress being made every day but at the same time more keeps happening to slow us down.  For instance, while the weather has been unusually warm for over a month, payback is coming later this week. Which means Steve has to take some time off from work to winterize the Allegro and at the same time learn how because the systems are different.

Two days ago I put an ad on Craigslist to sell Tulip and yesterday a couple gave us a deposit to buy her. That was an unexpected quick sale and she wasn’t quite cleaned up yet so there is that to do before we turn her over. And we have to get a small roof leak repaired by Thursday. All the RV techs are booked out, Steve is working, and Thursday our family is having lunch at a restaurant for my mother’s birthday which I forgot about. And today two windows are being replaced.  Next week Tuesday is Steve’s last day at work and then I am promoting him to Chief Coordinator.

The house is a horrible mess. We had a garage sale and already spent the proceeds from that for our trip to Arizona to buy Alice.  Bit by bit we are hauling what didn’t sell plus more over to my mother’s house to have another garage sale.  I still have a few more ads to place for some furniture pieces but then the rest goes either in storage or to my mother’s.  We started taking things to Alice and her outside bins are quickly filling up. But then I noticed Steve took boxes from Tulip over without going through them so that has to be dealt with.

The good news is we made it through the house inspection process without having to do much. The windows were the main items. We don’t know what the house appraised at but it met the sales price at a minimum. So there should be no more hurdles to closing which was moved up by one day to April 7th.

After the closing we will collapse in Alice with a Margarita and not move a muscle for a couple of days.  Then I will catch up on blog reading as I am way behind on keeping up with many of you.

P.S. There is a new item above in the menu for Allegro Alice where you can see some interior pictures.


I am finally up early enough every morning to see the sunrise. 


  1. Evelyn, congratulations on the next chapter! Alice is indeed beautiful! You could store Tulip in there. 😉 As much as I love my View, it is hard for me to imagine living in there with two people, so I am glad you found such a nice, roomy new home. Good luck as you get rid of things. It’s not easy, but oh-so liberating!


    • Although much work, it does feel very liberating to drastically downsize. I keep saying to myself “what were we thinking” to have accumulated so much over the years. It feels especially good to not be saddling our family with having to deal with our things at some point. Just sorry it took us so long.


  2. Love, love, love Alice! She is so beautiful and huge and yet not too long- GREAT choice! Life is crazy right now, but in a few more weeks, you will find your wings and fly! So excited for you!!!!


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