The Last Picture Show and Tell

We are now house free and today is the first day we are not aching in every joint from moving and cleaning. For some reason this move was harder than any we had done before. An hour before the closing at the title company I had to take a few last pictures of our most favorite house.

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Even Molly is sad to leave the panoramic views

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After cleaning the carpets Steve worked on the motorhome’s carpets and we quickly discovered they were actually a much lighter color. 

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These wide and short windshield-like windows with the ever changing views depending on the weather, always reminded me of going to the drive-in movies when we were kids.

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Hard to leave our peach trees, not that we ever had more than 4 peaches total. Normally a frost gets the blooms or the squirrels eat the peaches. It is supposed to snow tonight and the blooms may be gone tomorrow. I almost hope so.

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Look what I found hidden in a corner behind Steve’s coat! 

Alice the motorhome is parked about 3 miles away from our house at the Garden of the Gods RV Resort where we made trip after trip with our belongings. And of course trips to the storage unit we had rented. And yet even more to my mother’s house about 10 miles away. When it came down to it, I could not sell several pieces of furniture that I like very much and we ended up hiring a moving truck to take some sofas and a bedroom set to her house.

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Our view driving home no matter where we had been. Will miss this so much but not the high altitude and dry dry air.

The shortcut to my mother’s house goes through the Garden of the Gods park. Trip Advisor readers rated this park the number one in the nation, ahead of Central Park in New York, and number 2 in the world. Our family has been visiting this park since I was nine years old and I always took it for granted and never really gave it a hard look. Each time we drive through it or stop and take a walk, I appreciate it more.

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Garden of the Gods is known for it’s red rock formations

MoveFromManitou (28 of 40)

Cheyenne Mountain in the background

MoveFromManitou (34 of 40)

Pikes Peak in the distance

MoveFromManitou (35 of 40)

The Garden of the Gods is very popular with rock climbers

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We held one garage sale at our house and took what didn’t sell to my mother’s house for another garage sale last Saturday. Now my brother is selling more items for us on Craigslist. He has been such a big help and for payback we are letting him have Molly Dog for two overnights before we leave the area since he adores her. With all the trips to my mother’s house, she never failed to put a 5 to 7 course meal on the table within moments of our arrival. It was good not to have to cook for the past week and we sure enjoyed all those yummy meals.

Tomorrow or the next day we will leave for Kansas to visit Steve’s parents.  I should have more to show and tell as we will stay in a nice park with a botanical garden.


  1. Hi there Ev > I was just thinking I hadnt heard from you in ages and was going to drop by and say hello randomly at the bottom of a post and hey presto here’s one I missed. Phew what a journey you are both on. Does it feel scary? Like OMLord what on earth am I doing leaving my peach trees behind? Those photos of Garden of the Gods are magnificent. Some of the best I’ve seen. Take care Ev and safe journeys wherever you are 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well Andy, you always come through with an uplifting comment and just when I thought you might be off backpacking around China again.

      No, not one bit scary. More like RELIEF!! No more house headaches like worrying if the fence is going to blow down the night before the sale closing. No more wondering if our property taxes and insurance and utilities are going to go up again this year. We are FREE to go wherever, whenever we want. Assuming no one else dies.

      Seriously? You have seen pictures of the Garden of the Gods before? I didn’t know anyone outside the US had heard of this park. That is a nice compliment indeed and I must now attempt to make the best photos you have seen every place we go. How do you make those smiley faces?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Glad you are ok. You cant beat that freedom feeling. It only happens after a lot of hard work and dreaming. I find people who have been on the road for a long time dont have that buzz about them. Your posts definitely have that buzz. Never even heard about the Garden of the Gods before now. Phew, fantastic. I make the smiley face by adding : and ) together and it makes it automatically. So glad everything is going well 🙂


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